Helen Stone Portrait

I trained in contemporary portraiture and I paint people but I also love to paint objects if I see a connection and a tale to tell. 

Objects can be extraordinary communicators. Our ability to use tools is heralded as aiding our rise, while artefacts left behind inform us of who we have been. Objects can be our talismans, our armory, our friends and we may mourn them when they are gone.

I sometimes use real objects in my work along with text and stitch to create small installations. I like the way ‘found objects’ bristle with their own haunting frequency and the way they forge immediate connections. They provide a rich language for telling complex stories and there is potential for playfulness too.

Much of my personal work has a sense of loss. Not big wailing, gut-wrenching grief but a still, quiet, every day loss which may be small but still has the power to blindside; it’s a reminder of our fragility and uncertainty in this world. 

It can be uncomfortable and I invite the viewer to sit with that.

My work is in private collections in Europe and the UK, and I am available for commissions and am interested in collaborations. I love a bit of research and welcome projects that require digging with the hope of breathing new life into archives.

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Unsettling, superbly-crafted work that is intensely personal, at the same time unearthing an atmospheric sense of “otherness” that will resonate with many people.’ Sadie Lee, Artist