LSM Art Award 2018-2019


My series Classification of Unpaid Domestic Duties was named winner of the Expert Panel Vote at the Liberty Specialty Market Art Awards 2018-2019.


‘I am very pleased that Helen has won. I find her painting style both raw and beautiful. The focus on just hands and utensils is compelling. Helen turns understated, unappreciated tasks into something powerful; she conveys the physical exertions demanded. There’s an anger in these portrayals. The series title itself provokes that – why are these the ‘duties’ of women? It leads you to consider, why unpaid? And the term ‘Classification’ conveys societal acceptance of the ingrained inequality and exploitation. But, as Helen herself states, there is also a humour in the works – the title of the menacing (knuckle) ‘Duster’ and ‘Up Yours’, with a roughness in ’Scrubber’, as well as a poignancy in ‘Tears.’ I also particularly like the juxtaposition of these images and their reminder of rough, manual, physically demanding, domestic and unpaid work in the sleek offices of a financial business.’ Caroline South, Arts Commentator & Art Historian (Birkbeck, Courtauld, Tate)

‘Our winner exhibited both technical ability but also – and much more importantly – we all felt they had a story to tell; a story which was told with clarity and a somewhat brutal efficiency which we all appreciated. This work definitely elicited an emotional response us all.’ Jessica Zoob, Artist

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