From life

Days in the life room are always a battle against time and the ability to keep the energy levels up. Caffeine shots from Pret usually help the latter, but it’s certainly a gift to have fantastic tutors and models too. Huge thanks to all the amazing Art Academy life class tutors, most recently Susanne du Toit and Anthony Williams.

RUTA MASTER ©helen stone




Anatomy Class at The Art Academy London revealed unexpected beauty in limbs and bones. Thanks to the ever-brilliant Francesca Corra for her passion, patience and fantastically morbid tales of dissection – and for allowing me to rediscover how much I love watercolour.





Painting with the brilliant Roxana Halls on the Advanced Clothed Figure course at The Art Academy London (below). I have been lucky to paint Manko throughout my four years at The Art Academy so she has become something of a benchmark for my progress. She is an amazing model and also co-founder of the Art Model Collective – check out the great events they run.



Hugh. Oil on Canvas Board, 2017

Lucy's Thoughts ©Helen Stone

Painting from life with The London Road Group

1 Terry in Blue & Grey6 Dave leansPerched ©Helen StoneLydia Still @Helen StoneLydia in Green and Grey ©Helen Stone

The Man in the Corner ©Helen Stone


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